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Bruce Springsteen returning to "character-driven songs" on new solo album

Photo: Shore Fire Media

Bruce Springsteen may have recently become a Broadway star by putting on an incredible one-man show about his life and the process of creating some of his iconic songs, baring his soul in a way that had become rare for the iconic performer, but Springsteen is going back to the old way of doing things for his next album. Presumably figuring that we’ve all gotten our fill of the real guy, Springsteen is putting his metaphorical storyteller hat back on for Western Stars, his first new album in five years.

Set to come out on June 14, Springsteen said in a statement that the album is a return to his “solo recordings featuring character-driven songs and sweeping, cinematic orchestra arrangements,” adding that it’s “a jewel box of a record.” The press release also mentions that the songs cover a “sweeping range of American themes,” including “highways and desert spaces.” It doesn’t list any other examples of an American theme, like maybe a purple mountain majesties or amber waves of grain, but roads and deserts are fine on their own.


Pre-orders for the album will open tomorrow, along with the rest of the first single. You can see the cover art and its majestic pony below.

Image: Shore Fire Media

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