(Credit: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty)

Despite Bruce Springsteen being pretty down earlier this year—and who wouldn’t be, when they learned being “The Boss” would now mean existing interchangeably with a Melissa McCarthy film—things are looking up for New Jersey’s foremost proponent of proving it all night. Yahoo News reports Springsteen will get an extra 15 minutes to do said proving later this month, as the town of Foxborough, Massachusetts has voted to extend its concert curfew from 11:15 to 11:30pm on September 14, the night of the Born To Run musician’s show.

Unlike North Carolina, which won’t be enjoying any risings to come on up to thanks to a repressive and paranoid anti-LGBT bathroom law, Foxborough’s board of selectmen got together and realized some things were more important than consistent curfew laws. And the potential to live out a dream of following in Courtney Cox’s footsteps is one of those things, it seems. Springsteen’s been playing for upwards of four hours on this latest live jaunt, and given that Foxborough is the last stop of the tour, his running over time is a safe bet.


Not all selectmen were equally psyched about the willingness to let the whims of America’s finest rock ‘n’ roller dictate policy, however, even though that’s as it should be. The story notes board member Ginny Coppola “didn’t attend the meeting but said in a written statement that she opposed extending curfew.” Weirdly, the story fails to say all the other board members then rolled their eyes, said, “Ugh, whatever, mom,” cranked up “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” and proceeded to debate whether Magic was, indeed, the Boss’ finest post-’80s album.