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Since becoming a horror icon with his role in the Evil Dead trilogy, Bruce Campbell has appeared in dozens of films and television shows, written two books, and made countless appearances at conventions, midnight screenings, and myriad other places where people shout “Hail to the king, baby!” at him. And as he’s traversed the world of conventions, he’s realized that maybe a movie with himself and all the other horror icons he knows from these shindigs might be a fun time. Dread Central reports that Campbell is very much down to shoot the horror movie version of The Expendables.


This isn’t the first time he’s mentioned his desire to create such a project, but it is the strongest evidence yet that he’s really trying to make it happen. “I’ve always wanted to do the Expendables of horror type movie. Because I always run into all my horror buddies at conventions. It would be fun to do a movie that pretty much has all of them in it,” he said, presumably referring to other iconic horror film actors, and not Jeremy the programmer for IBM who shows up at every con wearing the Ash costume, thinking this will be the time he hangs out with Bruce after the signing. Asked if he was actively trying to make it happen, Campbell added, “Yeah! Never say never. I have a script that I’m working on that would pretty much be that. It’s not ready to share at this point. It’s in the pipeline I guess you could say.”

Dread Central posits that this would be the rumored Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, a sequel to his horror spoof My Name Is Bruce. Of course, all of this suggests that Campbell hasn’t seen the third Expendables film, which is already a total horror show.

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