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It’s too bad that Survivor is already taken, because that would be a fun title for a new, Bruce Campbell-hosted reality series described as “a horror-themed, offbeat comedic competition series project.” According to Deadline, the show, which is currently being shopped to various networks, wants to do for horror geeks what the dearly departed King Of The Nerds did for geeks in general, namely give them a televised platform from which they can shout their love of horror to the mountaintops, waking the ancient evil that lies slumbering there.

Contestants—at least one of whom will presumably have a Frankenstein tattoo—will reportedly live together in “a haunted-house type residence” and compete in team and individual challenges based around horror subgenres “like monster, sci-fi, psychological, zombie, etc.” (Never mind that sci-fi is a genre unto itself, a fine point the contestants on this program will no doubt be happy to make.) That’s all that Deadline has to say about the series, but the winner will probably be a young woman who is neither the prettiest nor the most promiscuous in the house, but rather an unassuming, girl-next-door type who just happens to have a tenacious personality and extensive martial-arts training. Her prize? She gets to live to see the dawn.


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