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Bruce Campbell’s Emmy campaign is pretty groovy

(via Starz)
(via Starz)

Now that he’s done slapping down primitive screwheads and their fictitious political tweets, actor/legend Bruce Campbell is back to doing what he does best: Mugging and self-promotion, shot through with a charming layer of humble self-mockery. Teaming up with his Ash Vs. Evil Dead bosses at Starz, Campbell is making a hard press to secure a nomination for himself at next year’s Emmy’s, campaigning to be recognized as Best Lead Actor In A Comedy Series.

If Campbell wins an Emmy for his shotgun-toting, Deadite-blasting work, it’d be a rare opportunity for the long-suffering and beloved actor to snag an award trophy that doesn’t come in the shape of a blood-soaked chainsaw. That might explain why he’s put forth not just one, but four videos explaining why he’d be a “groovy” candidate for a nod, laying out several of the salient points in his favor:

  • Acting!
  • He has a chainsaw hand!
  • Hey, it’s Bruce Campbell. C’mon!

It’s a compelling argument—especially the call to make a “terrible but fun decision”—one that’ll hopefully lead Emmy voters to do the right thing this summer and finally hail to the king.

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