The Tenant

Thanks to the Evil Dead series, Bruce Campbell is a bit of a horror icon these days. He even resurrected the series for Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead, which sees Campbell reprising the role of ace Deadite-killer Ash Williams. With October’s spooktacularity ramping up in advance of Halloween at the end of the month, Entertainment Weekly decided to ask Campbell—who recently held is own horror film fest in Chicago—if he had any scary movie recommendations to share. Now, Campbell is basically an expert in this field, so it’d be natural to assume he’d make some relatively obscure pick. After all, nobody asks Bruce Campbell to recommend a horror movie just so he can tell them to watch Halloween again.

Naturally, Campbell didn’t pick Halloween. Instead, he decided to go with The Tenant, a 1976 Roman Polanski film about a man who rents an apartment alongside some rather unsettling neighbors. Campbell says it’s a movie that “messes with your mind,” which he believes makes for “the most disturbing horror films” because they “make you think you’re going insane.” Campbell even acknowledges that some people may prefer to avoid Polanski films—because of the time he drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl and then ran away before he could be punished—but he thinks the man’s work is still “pretty strong.”

You can read Campbell’s full explanation at this link.