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Bruce Campbell educates conservative site on the difference between TV and reality

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Not all conservatives are bad—some of your best friends are probably Republicans. However, sometimes the cluelessness of the base is unbelievable. The Twitter account Conservative Nation tweeted out a photo of a bloodied up young lady on Tuesday, stating in less than 140 characters that “Here’s what happened to female Trump supporter when she met ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ liberals.”

Here’s what happened to female Trump supporter when she met ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ liberals. pic.twitter.com/H1sUJDwQqa

— Conservative Nation (@Cons_Nation) June 6, 2016

In the eyes of Conservative Nation’s 9,594 followers, this attractive (blonde, of course) young woman was a victim of Barack Obama’s secret army. But the picture that site tweeted out was actually actress (a.k.a. “liberal Hollywood denizen”) Samara Weaving, who was participating in a make-up test for the new season of Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, set the record straight on Twitter:


Well, there should certainly be as much egg on Conservative Nation’s face as the Trump supporter who actually did get egg on her face. Whether the folks running Conservative Nation were in fact deceived by a misinformed source or simply don’t care about facts, the tweet racked up 735 retweets and 533 likes from followers who still believe it to be true.


That being said, anyone would be hard pressed to actually call Conservative Nation a news source. Scrolling through its feed, its tweets are not only lies, but vile and racist, and not that coded racism seen on Fox News. We’re talking blatant ’60s Alabama kind of racism, all done in the name of “common sense.”

Earlier this afternoon, Conservative Nation apologized and deleted the tweet. But let’s not forget that it’s already out there for some dope to believe.

Tweet about Trump supporter being beaten turned out to be fake. I apologize for misleading my followers. Now it is deleted.

— Conservative Nation (@Cons_Nation) June 9, 2016


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