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Browse Netflix with a newfound ease using the God Mode modification

In the days before TVs were smart, when most people watched movies in theaters or by having shiny plastic discs delivered to their home by mailmen, Netflix “Watch Instantly” was a feature reserved only for the few brave enough to sit down at their computer and watch an entire movie. The web interface was, if not well designed, at least functional. But then came the Rokus and the Xboxes, and with them a unified design for Netflix browsing; one wholly unsuited for those with a perfectly functional mouse and keyboard. Scrolling through categories suddenly became a colossal chore as clicking to see a list, or even clicking to scroll, was replaced by hovering over an arrow to move glacially to one direction or another.

Enter God Mode, a bookmarklet by developer Renan Cakirek that eliminates the arrow entirely. Simply click the God Mode button to spread out every single row category of content into multiple, easily viewable images. It’s an absolute game changer for anyone still viewing Netflix content on a PC.


[via BGR]

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