Like this, but not.

Much like brand-new babies, new flavors of Oreos have a lot of potential. And like (hungry, cannibalistic) parents, eaters are full of nothing but excitement and expectation until—like a 16-year-old arrested for a DUI—the much-ballyhooed Oreo flavors inevitably let us down, unable to live up to our lofty and ridiculous dreams.

That’s why we’re excited for Brownie Batter Oreos, a new, hopefully über-chocolatey flavor of the cookie we spotted at this week’s Sweets And Snacks Expo here in Chicago. Encased in glass alongside established flavors like Peanut Butter Cup and S’mores—which just came out and we’re totally going to try soon—Brownie Batter Oreos seem like a cookie Valhalla, a portable, pocketable version of the sweet slurry our maternal role models repeatedly warned us not to consume.


Of course, they might suck, but until they hit stores—and we haven’t been able to confirm when that’ll be, though we’ll keep the world updated—we’ll never really know. Until then, Brownie Batter Oreos. Until then.