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Brooklyn Nine-Nine's NBC debut got its noicest ratings in years

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Photo: Vivian Zink (NBC)

Suggesting that NBC might have made the right call when it gave Jake, Amy, Holt, Terry, and all the rest of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s good-hearted cops (and also Hitchcock and Scully) another shot on TV, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the show’s ratings for its Thursday night debut were the highest they’ve been in the last 2 years. Not, you know, high—at 3.6 million viewers and a 1.2 rating among adults 18-49, the show still trailed behind its competition, with Mom scoring nearly three times as many viewers in the same timeslot over on CBS—but still, better than it was doing in its last two seasons on Fox. (It also managed to beat its competition on its previous network, The Orville, although admittedly not by much.)

Of course, the fine folks of the Nine-Nine have had a lot of hype helping them reach this mini-milestone for the show’s new network debut; NBC has been making a full-court push behind the revived show of late, plopping it down in between Dwayne Johnson’s Titan Games and The Good Place, and putting star Andy Samberg front-and-center on its various talk shows and award programs. (To say nothing of the people simply trying to figure out why we all lost our minds when Fox chucked the series out last year.) We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that these new viewers were intrigued enough by the show’s various Die Hard fetishes, pineapple sluts, and Gina masks to keep tuning in as the season progresses.

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