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Recognizing that the show’s fans have been just as shaken up and jerked around—which, possible sex tape title?—by recent developments as everybody else in its cast and crew, the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was happy to treat fans at the show’s Comic-Con panel this evening to promises of the content they crave: More hot Hitchcock and Scully action.

In fact, according to co-creator Dan Goor, we might even get some flashbacks to a time when the Nine-Nine’s least competent, least mobile detectives were actually some flavor of useful. (Plus, we’ll supposedly finally find out if “Kelly” is Scully’s wife or his dog.) According to Goor, the writer’s room for the show’s sixth season—now on NBC, after it was unceremoniously canceled at Fox—is already hard at work, with an eye on a return at mid-season, and at least one episode focused on the hapless duo.


Meanwhile, descriptions of tonight’s panel—courtesy of both Variety and THR—depict a rapturous room, as fans went nuts at the sight of each briefly canceled hero. But while the banter was mostly light (including the reveal that the show’s cancellation, and its renewal, were both passed around to the performers via a WhatsApp thread), there were a couple of more serious moments, too, especially related to topics like Rosa coming out as bisexual—a story patterned on actress Stephanie Beatriz’s own life. There were also questions about the series’ former, Fox News-adjacent home, and the way it contrasted with the series’ frequently optimistic political leanings. Or, in Beatriz’s words, the refreshing fact that Brooklyn Nine-Nine seems to exist permanently in a world where “Everyone’s a feminist, everyone’s into equality, everyone loves their LGBTQIA family members. Cops are good in this world.” (Even Hitchcock and Scully. Sort of.)

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