Having proven themselves top-notch detectives, at least when it comes to solving the mystery of the secret bathroom, Hitchcock and Scully will be around more in the second season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Deadline is reporting Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller have been “upped to regular,” biz-speak for becoming regular characters on the show instead of ones who pop up every now and then. It also means McKinnon Miller is that much closer to shedding his image as an easily rattled polygamist on Big Love to a big, bumbling oaf of a cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. (Same haircut, though.) And Blocker has lost quite a bit of edge since he was pushing “Just Say No” pamphlets to sneering high-school kids on 21 Jump Street. (To quote Marty McFly: “Didn’t that guy ever have hair?”)