The cast and creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine at the 2018 Television Critics Association summer press tour
Photo: Paul Drinkwater (NBCUniversal)

It’s been more than two months since NBC stepped in and picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a sixth season, but plenty of questions remain about the sitcom’s transition to its new network home. If the show premieres at midseason, how will it be able to stage the Halloween heist? Will Gina Rodriquez return to romance Rosa Diaz? And now that the show live on beyond Jake and Amy’s wedding, what type of scintillating scenes will we see from the Peralta-Santiago marriage?

Answering the last of those questions for members of the Television Critics Association today, Andy Samberg joked “Really small, detail-oriented storylines about their finances.” “Gosh, that day that they combine their bank accounts is going to be a big day,” his co-star Melissa Fumero added.


The theme of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s session at the TCA summer press tour was business as usual, as when creator Dan Goor assured reporters that the show’s theme song (and crucial, horn-powered cold-open punctuator) will follow it to NBC from Fox. The timing of the show’s return would seem to rule out its traditional Halloween heist, but Goor said they’re carving out space to continue the 99th precinct’s annual competition for title of Amazing Detective/Genius. “They’re some of our favorite episodes to watch,” he said, “and they’re some of the hardest ones also to write, because of the twists and turns. But I think we have a good idea how to do it.”

Timing is also a factor for potential guest castings, be they famous fans like Mark Hamill who contributed to the social-media outcry over Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s cancellation, or Gina Rodriguez, who arrived in the fifth-season finale as Alicia, the ride-share driver who struck up a connection (and a Color Me Badd needle drop) with Stephanie Beatriz’s Rosa. Goor said they’re in conversations with the Jane The Virgin star, but the production of that show’s final season is a complicating factor.

“I am hopeful that we’ll be able to get her back in some capacity. I think if we want to continue exploring this storyline of Rosa coming out,” said Goor, before Beatriz interjected with a suggestion of another guest star who came up during the panel. “Rosa dates Dianne Wiest.”


Stay tuned to find out if Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes down with a big ol’ Wiest infection.