(Photo credit: Mindy Tucker)

Realizing that your brain stops feeling any older somewhere around your mid-20s is one of those things you wish someone would have told you to anticipate when you were younger. Luckily, we have comedy to help us deal with the fact that our bodies stop being able to consume as much Taco Bell as we want at 3 AM, even though our brain still assumes it’s a great idea. In the clip below, premiering exclusively on The A.V. Club, comedian Brooke Van Poppelen sets her sights on what it means to hit the back half of your 30s and still be completely juvenile compared to what we think of as “adult” behavior.


The clip comes from her new album, Hard Feelings, coming out Thursday, October 13 on Sure Thing Records, and which you can order from all the usual digital platforms. Recorded live in 2016 during SXSW in Austin, the album captures all of her favorite obsessions from the past few years, including struggling with anxiety, self-image, and—as is de rigueur for those of us who have experienced it firsthand—the non-stop shit show of ridiculousness that is daily life in New York City. Those of you currently residing there can attend the album release show Saturday, October 15 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage Three in NYC. For the rest of us, Hard Feelings will suffice for now—at least until she performs live in our town.