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Broken Social Scene going on hiatus

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On Oct. 1, Broken Social Scene will perform at The Fillmore in San Francisco with special guest Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse sitting in on some songs. After that, the Canadian collective will head down to South America for a few shows, and then … well, that might be it for a long while. BSS leader Kevin Drew says the band members are ready to spend time committing their talents to other projects, which will put Broken Social Scene on the back burner for an extended period. "While we were on the road, we kept saying we would stop, but we just kept going," Drew told Pitchfork. "But now's the time because there are other projects that people want to pursue, and we feel that we've done what we wanted to do. I think we've really gone as far as we can with playing these tunes. It comes down to Kenny Rogers: 'You got to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.'"

Not that Drew is ready, in the parlance of Rogers, to completely fold 'em. "With a family, you can't ever say that it's over. You just can't. I've always said we've made Fleetwood Mac look like a children's band. And we have so much material— songs, B-sides, different mixes, live shows—all kinds of things we can release over the next few years to just keep the story going."

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