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Photo: Kim Simms (IFC)

For a character who started out in a Funny Or Die clip about Hank Azaria having a breakdown while doing an old-timey sportscaster voice, IFC’s Jim Brockmire has become one of the consistent and thoughtful delights of the spring TV schedule. But not for much longer, unfortunately: The network announced today that the sports comedy’s upcoming fourth season is now set to be its last.

This has been in the cards for a while now, admittedly: IFC’s Blake Calloway made it clear that the show’s ending had been planned for some time, something confirmed by showrunner Joel Church-Cooper in an interview with A.V. Club managing editor Erik Adams earlier this year. Per Church-Cooper, the decision to wrap things up actually happened at the end of the show’s second season, with the third season specifically designed to set up next year’s final run. Church-Cooper also gave us a hint of where the final season is going, revealing that it’ll track Azaria’s Jim and Amanda Peet’s Jules after a 10-year time jump. All of which is in service to what Church-Cooper declared the show’s central theme and guiding light: “A show about a man who gets better as the country gets worse.”


The final season of Brockmire is set to debut in March of 2020.

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