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Broad Squad creators sell another rhyming ’70s cop show, Soul Patrol

'70s police officers hard at work

More than a year ago, ABC ordered a female-led police procedural called Broad Squad that has since entered a TV purgatory from which it may never escape. However, not to be deterred from the business of making rhyming ’70s cop dramas whose leads aren’t white males, its creators have now landed a series called Soul Patrol at CBS. If you haven’t already guessed, Variety reports the show “revolves around a unique, highly effective task force comprised entirely of African-American police officers” who are hired early in the ’70s to more adequately address crime in “previously neglected” parts of Boston.

Just like Broad Squad, the show is both inspired by true events and produced by Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment and Alexandra Lydon. Niels Mueller will also produce and write the script. Presumably, any climactic scenes from the pilot for Broad Squad will be reworked to take place in a barber shop, or a soul food restaurant, or some other cliched location for the Soul Patrol pilot.


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