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Broad City

Comedy Central’s Broad City isn’t usually an overtly political show, but it is very much about the world its characters live in. That means it occasionally makes sense for the show to acknowledge politics, like with last season’s big Hillary Clinton cameo, but the political digressions are going to look a bit different in the show’s upcoming fourth season—or, rather, they’ll sound a bit different. As reported by USA Today, star Ilana Glazer says they wrote the season under the assumption that Clinton would win, but when the “game-show host” won instead, they “rewrote a lot.”

Furthermore, just to underline Broad City’s general disgust for Donald Trump, Glazer says that they decided to “bleep his name” all season. It sounds like a fairly funny and delightfully casual way to dismiss any power Trump wields, and it’s really just a shame that people in the real world aren’t lucky enough to hear his name bleeped out as well.


Broad City returns on August 23, and you can see a trailer at this link.

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