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Broad City to release its original soundtrack in 4 and 3 and 2 and 1, 1

Broad City

Over the course of its three seasons, Broad City has built an incredibly detailed world. Yes, it has a distinct look and vibe, but it also has a distinct sound that contributes to that strong sense of world-building. Now, Broad City bosses Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are teaming up with the show’s music supervisor, Matt FX Feldman, to executive produce an original series soundtrack via Milan Records/Comedy Central Records.

The album will include an extended version of “Latino N’ Proud,” the bouncy banger from Chilean producer DJ Raff that scores Broad City’s animated opening title sequence. It will also feature K Rizz’s “Yes Bitch,” which plays when Abbi and Ilana roll up into the club in “B&B-NYC,” as well as soundtrack-exclusive tracks from Jarina De Marco, whose “Tigre” perfectly scored Vanessa Williams’ entrance this season, and house DJ-producer Tony Quattro, who is one of the artists featured in “The Lockout.” We only have one question: WILL VAL ALSO BE FEATURED ON THE ALBUM? Our fingers are crossed.


“When I first started working on the show, our resources were so low to the point where working with unsigned and unknown artists was the only way we could possibly afford to score an entire episode the way we wanted,” Feldman told Rolling Stone. “These days, I see it almost as an obligation to keep the platform growing. Super duper excited that we’ve been able to physically encapsulate the sonic identity of the show with this soundtrack.”

In the past, Glazer has often promoted the artists featured in episodes while live-tweeting the show. The Broad City soundtrack drops October 28.

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