The ladies of Broad City aren’t big fans of Yom Kippur. That’s the message inside Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s new video short, released just today as part of the digital-only series Hack Into Broad City. (Five more episodes will come over the next five Tuesdays.) In the clip below, Jacobson and Glazer understandably struggle with the Jewish holiday’s mandated 24 hours of fasting—something that’s got to be especially hard for Ilana, considering she’s always stoned to the bone. (Plus, Abbi, seriously? You already have a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich waiting for you with four hours to go? You’ll never make it, just because of the smell alone.) They’ve also never really been ones for atonement, the religious reason for the ritual, so the whole thing is, understandably, fairly futile.


[via Entertainment Weekly]