Last night, Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert with a two-pronged mission: Promote their show’s season-three premiere tonight on Comedy Central, and help stodgy old Stephen get hip to what’s hot on the scene in Brooklyn these days. Step one: Don’t ask what’s hot on the scene in Brooklyn these days. Step two: Try one of the rainbow bagels from The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, a sensory experience Glazer describes as “dunking a bagel in a vat of lip gloss.”

That’s pretty gross, but on the plus side, they apparently get you high. One bite sends the trio to a magical, multicolored cartoon kingdom populated by happy rainbow “bagel babies,” which happen to sound just like Bingo Bronson in Broad City’s famous “Wisdom Teeth” episode. But there’s an evil ”bagel king” to be defeated—that just how these things go—before Colbert and the gang can return to the studio. It’s a silly, surreal bit, the kind of high-concept segment that has made Colbert stand out from his late-night peers.


And then Lucinda Williams sang a song about being too empty inside to cry, because that’s just how things go with her.