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Broad City now has a sex toy line to take care of your precious package

(Photo: Comedy Central)

Marketing is a key part of any entertainment property these days, and it’s all about matching the right product to the right show. Like mouse pads for Mr. Robot, maybe, or frozen yogurt for The Good Place. (Although we don’t know if either of those actually exist; hit us up, ad-folk!) And for the sex-positive residents of Broad City, what could be a more natural fit than a branded line of sex toys?

Offered by Lovehoney, the recently debuted Broad City collection ranges from “Yas Kween” vibrators and “Respect Your Dick “love rings,” all the way up to Nature’s Pocket Kegel Balls and the “Ass Of An Angel” silicone butt plug. Presumably, they’ll make the perfect gift for anybody whose sex life in insufficiently full of branded Comedy Central content, or who just wants their vibrator to remind them of the time Ilana revealed her sexy X-Men persona Vulvarine every time they’re rounding the corner toward home.


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