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Movie-bros Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are in talks for another comedy utilizing their bro chemistry, with the Wedding Crashers duo set to reunite for the Shawn Levy-directed Interns, and once again embody Jung’s duality of bro—the self-conscious, laid-back, sleepily drawling persona bro, and the fast-talking shadow bro who says bluntly horny things, both residing deep within every bro. Vaughn himself penned the script, which is the timely story of two fortysomething bros who find themselves laid off due to downsizing, and decide to start over at the bottom by becoming interns at a dotcom. There they find themselves forced to jostle up the corporate ladder with various bros fresh out of college—a scenario that should lend itself to various comically competitive hijinks and realizations about maturing and stuff. Vulture rightly notes that the plot sounds like a spiritual successor to Old School, albeit with Vaughn causing consternation for a different, more consciously assimilated Wilson bro. One to ponder, bro.


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