Three years after her death, Brittany Murphy’s final film is going to see the light of day—or at least the light of straight-to-DVD release. Murphy completed Something Wicked before she died in December 2009, but post-production on the “suspenseful thriller about obsession and young love gone wrong” wasn’t actually completed until this year. Now that the movie is done, director Darin Scott is shopping it around, though no distributors have actually bitten yet, making the whole quest that much sadder.

This is actually the second time this year a long-delayed film featuring a gone-too-soon star has been released: The first, Dark Blood, was a thriller starring River Phoenix that was in production when the actor died in 1993. It sat on a shelf for 19 years before the director, George Sluizer, managed to piece something workable together and premiered it at the Netherlands Film Festival. That movie is also still looking for a distributor.