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Britney Spears wants nothing to do with her Lifetime biopic

(Photo: Getty Images)

People worried that Britney Spears can no longer make decisions for herself should take heart: A representative for the singer has said she wants nothing to do with Lifetime’s just-announced biopic about her, and that the project doesn’t have her blessing.

Spears’ representation made its statement to Entertainment Weekly and People, after Lifetime announced the project—produced by Asylum Entertainment—yesterday. Natasha Bassett, who had a small part in the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar! as a Hollywood starlet that James Brolin’s tough-talking fixer navigates out of trouble, will star as Spears, as the film tracks her career rise and messy personal entanglements, none of which, shockingly enough, the superstar would apparently like to see rehashed on TV. Not that that will dissuade Lifetime, obviously: This is the network that currently makes its name digging through the trashcans of popular ’90s TV shows, and gleefully ignores the wishes of all those mothers whose daughters danger slept with, after all.


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