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Britney Spears' conservatorship extended for 6 more months

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It’s now been more than 12 years since musical superstar Britney Spears was placed under a mandatory conservatorship by the California courts, placing her considerable assets under the control of her father, James Spears, and a lawyer, Andrew Wallet. (Wallet resigned from his conservatorship in 2019, and James Spears appears to have temporarily given up his after a medical crisis that same year; manager Jodi Montgomery currently fills the role.) Spears’ status has attracted considerable attention and criticism over that same period, especially since the conservatorship was supposed to have only been a temporary measure in the wake of a series of high-profile public incidents. Critics have accused James Spears specifically of abusing his control over his daughter’s media empire, as well as his control of her day-to-day life.


Now, though, a judge has issued a ruling stating that Spears’ conservatorship will continue, at least through February of 2021. Per Variety, this comes shortly after Spears issued a petition asking for her father to be permanently stripped of his position as conservator, with Montgomery made his permanent replacement. That arrived alongside requests to allow Spears to have more control over her finances, and that “ a qualified corporate fiduciary” be appointed to manage her wealth, rather than her father.

According to Variety, the terms of the conservatorship were discussed at a recent closed online hearing, at which both of the singer’s parents were reportedly present. It’s not clear at present what rationale the court had for continuing the conservatorship, or whether Spears’ requests for the conditions of the institution to be altered have been taken into account with the ruling.