Screenshot: Matthew Thomas/YouTube

We live in a world so rich in technological innovation that any piece of media that resonates as a relic of the VHS era more or less scans as parody. How could one make a video that looks like something plucked from the Found Footage Festival when we’ve all got iPhones in our pockets? Still, it seems this grainy, cringe-inducing campaign video from Greg Knight, the conservative candidate for East Yorkshire, England, is real. It’s also the best piece of unintentionally bad media since that Breitbart interview with Sean Spicer.

It’s not just the sterile setting, surreal pacing, and robotic cadence of the man himself; stick around to the end and you’ll be treated to a jarring blast of original music admonishing you to “Make sure this time you get it right / Vote for Greg Kniiiiight.”

Something like this was pretty much destined for endless mockery on Twitter, which, yes:


People have also dug up some photos and biographical details on the man, which, for once, aren’t filled with depression and scandal. Rather, it just seems Knight has a passion for taxidermy and is a founder of “the world’s only parliamentary rock group.”


When asked about his campaign song by Buzzfeed, he responded, “A lot of candidates go around with loud speakers; instead I play the jingle.” He continued, “Some people hate it, and some people like it. It’s quite a catchy tune… like pop music. The point is it got noticed.” That it did. Listen to the full song below.

Oh, you want more? That’s good, because Knight has another jingle from his 2010 campaign.


On the whole, it provides a charming throwback to the era before shit-posting and disseminating conspiracy theories among the voting populace could win you an election.