The search for a wan young white man with an English accent—the sort who could properly terrorize a four-person superhero team that includes a giant rock creature—seems to have ended. Variety reports that Toby Kebbell is now the studio’s choice to play Victor von Doom, a.k.a. Doctor Detroit Doom in the Fantastic Four reboot, with Kebbell beating out other serious contenders such as Domnhall Gleeson, Eddie Redmayne, Cyril Picklesmith, and Wollygoggle Honeybun. Along with breakout roles in British productions such as Rocknrolla, Control, and the “Entire History Of You” episode of Black Mirror, Kebbell has made serious inroads into Hollywood lately, with roles in War Horse, Wrath Of The Titans, and the upcoming Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Now he’ll finally put his natural accent to proper use, as the sound of concentrated evil that is British pronunciation.