Although here in the rough-and-tumble Wild West that is America, no one’s going to give you your money back just because you thought The Tree Of Life was boring, the slightly more genteel Great Britain will apparently happily refund your money for not realizing that The Artist is a silent movie. The Telegraph reports that several patrons of a theater in Liverpool demanded refunds after sitting down to enjoy the much-ballyhooed homage to the silent film era, only to discover that it does far more than just celebrate them. “’Ello ‘ello, what’s all this then? Where’s the bloody soundsies and why’s the picture-wicture so bleeding eeny?” some Liverpudlians said in our thoroughly inaccurate depiction of Scouser slang, upon which the owners of the Odeon Liverpool One happily returned their pounds so they could spend them on pies or whatever. Since that initial ruckus, the theater has reportedly adopted the procedure of having the usher go around before every screening and ask patrons if they’re aware they’re about to see a silent film, and if not, to please refrain from glassing them.