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British newspaper delivers world’s best headline about Belgian region of Flanders

The Simpsons have permeated everything, from food to anime to video games to shitposting. What could possibly be left? How about journalism? When the journalists for London’s City A.M. newspaper found themselves writing about Flanders—Belgium’s “most happening district”—they couldn’t help but sneak in a reference to one of the show’s most enduring quotes. And while Flanders residents might bristle at its region being called “stupid,” we’re hoping they have the pop culture savvy to know that, in this context, “stupid” is merely a knee-jerk reaction to the sheer depth of its sexiness.


The quote, if you’re unfamiliar, comes from the season 11 episode, “Little Big Mom,” during which we’re treated to the unforgettable sight of Ned Flanders in a skintight skiing outfit. So unforgettable is Flanders’ sleek, aerodynamic ass that it consumes Homer’s thoughts (which isn’t good considering he’s on the verge of death). Watch it below.

Stupid, sexy Simpsons quotes.

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