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British newscaster dies inside while introducing story about surfing dogs

Credit: Jeff Overs / Getty
Credit: Jeff Overs / Getty

No matter how much anyone loves their job, they will at some point find themselves simply not feeling it. Perhaps they’re just tired or not in the best mood; perhaps something aberrational occurs and they can’t muster the enthusiasm to soldier through it. It happens to us all.

It does not, however, happen to us all on camera, as it did for BBC’s Simon McCoy, being forced seemingly against his will to introduce a story about surfing dogs:


When you think he cannot sound sadder about the prospect of existing, the dog footage ends and McCoy lets out a vast, audible sigh, the last passion he once felt for journalism escaping through his mouth.

It is the sound of a man who does not even care about his job enough to feel strongly about it; he is just trudging listlessly through the morass of existence, reading the words as they are presented to him, one story after the next until the sweet abyss of death takes him. McCoy has a respected career over several decades in the British press, but seems to be best known for this sort of weary, despairing tone. While reporting on the birth of the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he appeared to view his post as a sort of cosmic humiliation that he had to endure before his entire country:

He also apparently fell asleep on air once:

Still, all of this pales in comparison to the surfing dogs episode of his career, which is a shame. Surfing dogs are fundamentally cool; they deserve better than this.

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