Research by¬†British¬†online karaoke service¬†Lucky Voice¬†reveals that Adele claimed the U.K.'s most popular karaoke tracks of 2011. In fact, Adele ruled British karaoke nights with as much dominance as she topped the charts, with two of her songs accounting for more than a third of all karaoke performances last year. With her¬†album 21 still topping the U.S. charts,¬†Adele's "Someone Like You" alone represented one¬†in every four karaoke songs selected through the service in 2011‚ÄĒand 10 percent of the time, lonely-heart karaoke singers chose Adele's cover of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love." And we're sure they all sounded just as great as Adele, too. [via NME]