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Britain's Channel 4 has a funny, defiant message for its haters

In a new commercial, Channel 4 has real talent and on-air personalities from the network read or act out real “complaints” they’ve received. What they’re highlighting, however, aren’t really complaints as much as trolling and run-of-the-mill hate, and the network makes sure to make it clear that they know the difference between the two. What really sells it, though, is that the channel’s stars are the ones engaging with the “real complaints” they’ve received.

Among them are Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson proudly kissing his beau before munching on a turkey leg; Catastrophes Sharon Hogan cracking men up by saying women aren’t funny; and the supposedly too-hard-to-understand cast of Derry Girls. “Based on real complaints,” reads the ad.


Racism, misogyny, and homophobia are part and parcel of the entertainment ecosystem these days, but it’s refreshing to see a network confront it head-on with a hearty “whatever.” That’s worthy of some applause.

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