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Bring on the battle bears in this new teaser for HBO's His Dark Materials show

HBO is about to find itself—as of Sunday—with a serious dearth of high-fantasy big-budget literary adaptations on its slate. Which might explain why the network unleashed a new teaser for its Philip Pullman show His Dark Materials today, re-introducing viewers to Dafnee Keen’s resourceful orphan Lyra and the various adults—including Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, and Clarke Peters—trying to manipulate or protect her ultimate fate.

Some of this is footage we’ve seen before—Lin-Manuel Miranda is still looking mildly peeved as heroic Texan Lee Scoresby, for instance—but there’s also plenty of new footage, including some pissed-off polar warbears, and a quick glimpse of a sort of high-tech guillotine thing that’ll send chills down the spines of anyone who’s read Pullman’s books. (Also: Airships and daemons, hurrah!)


His Dark Materials is a joint production between HBO and the BBC; it’s currently being described as “Coming soon.”

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