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Brie Larson to star in Charlie Kaufman's Netflix movie

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Photo: Rich Polk (Getty Images for Disney)

With the new Captain Marvel trailer set to be released today, everybody else with Brie Larson-related news can enjoy a nice Captain Marvel bump on Google (it’s called “good SEO” in the biz), which is probably why Deadline is reporting that Larson is going to star in I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, the movie that Charlie Kaufman is directing for Netflix. Kaufman will also be writing the screenplay, which is adapted from Ian Reid’s 2016 novel of the same name and centers on a guy and his girlfriend who are on a road trip to the guy’s parents’ secluded farm. Unfortunately, the girl (Larson) is thinking of breaking up with the guy—which is to say that she’s Thinking Of Ending Things—and an “unexpected detour” leaves her stranded and terrified. It sounds like the story is a bit more overtly spooky than most Charlie Kaufman movies, but with the specific psychological angle we’ve all come to expect from a Charlie Kaufman movie.


Now let’s just talk about Captain Marvel a little more so we can get some of that good SEO for ourselves. The Skrulls are in Captain Marvel, huh? Pretty wild.

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