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Brie Larson says the women of the MCU are "passionate" about making an all-female superhero movie

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Marvel Studios is finally getting off its lazy butt and making a Black Widow movie, giving MCU fans one of the female-led projects that they’ve been asking for, but there’s still no word on the other idea that everyone keeps pitching: An all-female team-up movie where heroes like Valkyrie, the Wasp, Okoye, Gamora, Pepper Potts, and Captain Marvel can all go off on their own adventure. We first rumblings of this being a possibility back in 2017, with Tessa Thompson revealing that she and some of her fellow Marvel women got together at an MCU event and told Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige to his face about how much they all wanted to make a movie together. He told them he’d do it, but we all saw how long it has taken for that Black Widow movie, and a few months later the best he could promise was a vague tease about the female MCU characters getting together again at some point (looking back, he may have just been referencing that big moment in Avengers: Endgame, and that sequence was hardly a whole movie).

Brie Larson—Captain Marvel herself—has now offered her own support for this all-female Marvel movie, telling Variety that it is definitely something that has been talked about. She said that “a lot of the female cast members from Marvel walked up to [Feige]” and told him that they wanted to do it, but she has no idea if it’ll happen (also, it’s reasonable to assume that she’s referring to the previous time that we know they talked to Feige, so it’s unclear if this is something that has actually been brought up in that kind of situation more than once). That being said, Larson noted that she and her colleagues are “really passionate” about the idea, and “if enough people out in the world talk about how much they want it, maybe it’ll happen.”

So, there you go. Open your copy of The Secret and flip to the part about superhero movies.

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