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Brie Larson, Robert Patrick, a bunch of other people are also guest starring on Community

Reminding us that Community is more than just that show that Dan Harmon sometimes has trouble discussing without goofing on rape and murder—it’s also the show with tons of guest stars—TV Line reports that the season that already has tons of guest stars will now have even more guest stars than we thought. Inevitably, several of them will have to share an episode, with Criminal Minds’ Paget Brewster, Terminator 2’s Robert Patrick, Ben Folds, Kumail Nanjiani, Switched At Birth’s Katie Leclerc, and the recently added Nathan Fillion all bunking together in the same story about a “midterms-centered dance,” possibly along with any of the myriad other guest stars who were already scheduled to appear this season, like Jonathan Banks and Walton Goggins, and then the rest of the regular cast, if there’s time. Also returning is Brie Larson as last season’s coat-check girl who’s perfectly attuned to Abed’s quirks, turning up in an episode that—not coincidentally—is the first one after Donald Glover’s departure. Which is only making more and more sense, seeing as they might not have room for him anyway.

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