Brie Larson on Community, but you probably already knew that

Brie Larson is set to join an ensemble cast of dudes, including Luke Evans, Armie Hammer, and Cillian Murphy, for Kill List and A Field In England director Ben Wheatley’s next thriller, Free Fire. Larson, who was recently seen opposite Mark Wahlberg in last winter’s sleeper The Gambler, will be replacing Olivia Wilde. Wilde reportedly dropped out due to her schedule, by which she probably means her role in Tron 3, which begins filming in Vancouver this fall.

According to Variety, “Free Fire is set in 1978 in a deserted warehouse where a meeting between two gangs turns into a deadly shootout and all-out survival.” There’s probably also a drug deal gone bad in there somewhere. Anonymous sources describe it as “in the vein of Reservoir Dogs with a new twist.” Those same sources also describe Reservoir Dogs as “in the vein of City On Fire with a new twist.”