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Brie Larson continues to trigger MCU fanboys, this time by casually wielding Thor's hammer

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Marvel brings people a lot of happiness, right? Certainly, though one subsection of the fandom just can’t seem to get over their disdain for Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel in the MCU. On Twitter, on YouTube, on Change.org petitions, and, yes, this very site right here, the vitriol flows. The latest target? Larson’s Instagram, where Larson knowingly courted them with a post that’s best described as a winking troll.

On Wednesday, Larson posted a picture of herself in front of Iron Man’s suits, wearing an Avengers hat, and casually holding Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Her caption? “Not to be whatever, but....told you I could lift it 😇” Cute, to the point, and some nice MCU fodder to make up for all the bad news in the fandom this week. But of course, haters gotta hate. And hate they did.


As a Brie Larson stan account, @BrieLarsonHQ2, noted, with receipts in hand, a gaggle of men were quick to tell Larson and, by extension, Captain Marvel, that, actually, she can’t lift the hammer.

Also, a major criticism that these guys like to cling to is that Carol Danvers is way too “arrogant” or doesn’t say sorry after every proton blast, as if she’s not in the same universe as Thor, Captain America, and Tony Stark. Again, more receipts.


But, life goes on, thank god, and those dudebros are nothing but a blip on Brie Larson’s radar. She has Mighty Thor herself on Captain Marvel’s side, with Natalie Portman commenting, “Hey Muscles, easy with my hammer,” and Killmonger (aka Michael B. Jordan) laughing at her caption, probably getting a kick out of the angry people and soulless bots in her comments.


With over a million likes, it’s safe to say that many more people approve of her post than those that obsess over the sanctity of a fictional hammer, and she gave her fans a treat with a workout video the next day. As another stan account notes, the scenario plays out a lot like one from Endgame.


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