Welcome to Development Hell, the fiery pit into which we fling recent developments in casting, distribution, and everything else that’s new and mildly interesting in the Boschian phantasmagoria of the entertainment industry.

It’s a relatively light one in Hell today—maybe the TV and film demons took off early for a weekend beach trip—but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few hot coals of news to serve up:

  • First up: An upcoming collaboration between Brie Larson and Michael B. Jordan. Sadly, this isn’t some sort of weird Captain Marvel/Killmonger crossover; rather, Larson is in talks to join Jordan’s legal drama Just Mercy. The film is based on Bryan Stevenson’s memoir of the same name, about a team of attorneys fighting to save a young black man from death row after he’s falsely convicted of murder. It’s not clear yet which part Larson will be playing in the film. [via Deadline]
  • Roland Emmerich is continuing to line up names for his next cinematic explosion showcase, Midway. Patrick Wilson will be keeping this whole “aquatic combat” motif he’s got going right now on track for another movie, playing Rear Admiral Edwin Layton in the historical action flick. Game Of Thrones’ Ed Skrein has also signed on for the project, which stars Woody Harrelson as Allied naval leader Chester Nimitz. [via Variety]
  • Netflix and the BBC have released details on their new Toni Collette-starring series, Wanderlust. In what’ll probably feel like a nice change of pace from the unrestrained madness of Hereditary, Collette stars as a therapist trying to rekindle her relationship with her husband, while helping her various clients try to pull off something similar in their own lives. Filmed in England, the series was written by British playwright Nick Payne. [via Deadline]
  • Finally, we’ve got news that DC Comics character Cyborg is somehow about to get his third concurrent pop culture incarnation, with EW reporting that The First Purge’s Joivan Wade has been cast as metal crimefighter Vic Stone in the upcoming Doom Patrol TV show. (Cyborg will be a regular role on the DC Universe series, apparently serving as the DP weirdos’ link to the larger superhero universe.) The character is also currently being played by Ray Fisher in the DC movies, and has been voiced for more than 15 years by Khary Payton in the various Teen Titans animated shows.