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Brian Wilson reunites with the Beach Boys, plans 50-show tour and album

For years, the music of the Beach Boys has been performed live by various entities, including the man who wrote much of it, Brian Wilson, the guy who sang a lot of it, Mike Love, and the guy who sang some of it, Al Jardine. But now the surviving members of the Beach Boys have agreed to set aside their famously rocky history and reform for a 50th anniversary tour and album. The reunion announcement was rumored for months, and was expected to come at last month's Grammy nominations concert before it was scuttled at the last minute. Now the Beach Boys are scheduled to appear at the actual Grammys Feb. 12, which will include "a surprise," according to Jardine. (John Stamos? Charles Manson? Undead Dennis Wilson?)

The tour, which begins at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in April, will attempt to please both the county-fair faction of the group's fanbase as well as the Smile-favoring indie crowd, covering both the usual hits and deep cuts. (Specific dates haven't been announced yet.) As for the album, Jardine says it includes "new things that Brian has come up with that are really remarkable," which we hope against hope is actually true. In the meantime, the Beach Boys posted a re-recorded version of "Do It Again," which definitely sounds like "Do It Again" but re-recorded. You can see a snippet below. [via Rolling Stone]

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