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At this point in the holiday season, most of the old traditional Christmas songs are getting a bit old. Sure, you love “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” but you can only listen to it so many times before even it starts to grate a little. Thankfully, Nerdist and Brian Posehn have a solution for all that upbeat holiday cheer. In the clip below, the comedian and Mr. Show actor hones his baritone for a slightly depressing and semi-atonal a cappella version of “Carol Of The Bells.” Performing all the lyrics, from the “ding dongs” to the lines about joyful tones and happy homes, all while clad in various dumb holiday sweaters, Posehn brings an air of black metal realness to the classic carol. It’s all rather mesmerizing, and should help get you over those pre-holiday doldrums.

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