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Illustration for article titled Brian K. Vaughan to adapt Stephen Kings emUnder The Dome/em for Showtime

DreamWorks and executive producer Steven Spielberg have chosen comics writer Brian K. Vaughan to carve Stephen King’s mammoth Under The Dome into little episodic pieces for its upcoming Showtime adaptation, making for Vaughan’s first television gig since he severed ties with Lost right before its final season. As the writer behind titles like Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways, and Pride Of Baghdad, Vaughan is obviously well-versed in stories of people struggling to survive in extraordinary circumstances, turning on each other in the process, and political allegories, so he seems like an ideal choice to tackle King’s novel, which once again punishes the people of Maine for living in King’s home state by trapping them under a giant impenetrable force field. And as he did with Lost, Vaughan’s job on Dome will be to ratchet up the suspense and entertain people for as long as possible before the show is forced to face its inevitably disappointing ending.


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