On some pop-culture websites, readers will simply skim news articles and get to the comments as fast as they can in order to make a joke before anyone else has a chance to make the same joke. Some articles lend themselves to this practice especially well, so just this once, we’d like to request that anyone out there who is thinking of making the easy and obvious joke just takes a minute and reads the whole article. Sound good?

Anyway, Deadline is reporting that Brian Dennehy is set to star in a new pilot for Amazon about a family-owned gun manufacturing company. Dennehy’s son, played by True Blood’s Sam Trammell, left the gun company to become a Washington D.C.-based management consultant—whatever that is—but he returns to the family when his uncle’s gun manufacturing company tries to take over his father’s. The pilot also reportedly features Don’t Trust The B——’s Dreama Walker, presumably as the owner of another gun manufacturing company.


The name of the show, which we’ve put off revealing for as long as we can, is Cocked. Now, run down to the comments and make fun of the title

of Cocked.