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Brian De Palma to direct Daredevil-esque thriller for Chinese movie studio

Dressed To Kill

Brian De Palma is set to direct an upcoming action thriller, Lights Out, Variety reports. The movie is the first of a slate of “high-concept action films” made by Aurora Alliance Films, a joint venture banner between Huace, one of China’s leading TV producers, and Sydney- and Los Angeles-based Arclight Films. Lights Out is about a blind Chinese girl caught up in a plot to expose a top-secret assassination program who must use her four other, heightened senses to “fight back and become a hero.” Think Daredevil without the tights—except there might actually be tights, depending on what titillates De Palma these days. It’s unclear how the director will tackle his favorite obsession of voyeurism when the main character can’t see anything, but kinky sex is still totally on the table.

Ying Ye of Aurora Alliance says, “De Palma is a proven master of suspense; in the hands of the legendary director, Lights Out promises to be a thriller for the ages, full of empowering messages, harrowing plot turns, and great action sequences.” The notion of “harrowing plot turns” probably indicates a half-baked revelation that the blind girl is a sleeper assassin or something, but people don’t watch De Palma movies for the story. They watch them to experience his bold visual style and subversive wit. Anyway, The A.V. Club even liked The Black Dahlia, so obviously we’re excited for this.


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