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A famous author finds he has to get rid of his pregnant mistress in order to protect his image as a family man, setting into motion an increasingly complicated cover-up. If that sounds like the plot of a wonderfully salacious, labyrinthine Brian De Palma movie, that’s because it is one—or it will be, God willing. The Blow Out director’s next project will be an adaptation of Sascha Arango’s lauded 2015 bestseller The Truth And Other Lies. Arango himself will be writing the script this time, hopefully leaving some places where De Palma can shoehorn in some of his trademark split-screen effects and outrageous dream sequences.

The Truth And Other Lies was optioned by a production company called Chockstone Pictures, whose previous titles include The Road and Killing Them Softly. While De Palma is officially “attached” to direct, no potential stars have thus far been named. The project will likely drag De Palma into the world of social media, as Arango has described it as taking place “in the Facebook era [when] the original becomes indistinguishable from fake.” Sounds right up De Palma’s duplicitous, illusion-loving alley.


In addition to writing and directing 2012’s Passion, De Palma was most recently the subject of a career-spanning 2015 documentary by Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow. That film, featuring extensive new interviews with the filmmaker, was acquired by A24 for worldwide release and enjoyed a limited theatrical run late last year.

[via Deadline]