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Brian Cox and Cookie Monster discuss Succession/Sesame Street merger, nom nom nom

Screenshot: YouTube

Succession’s Brian Cox paid a visit to the offices of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster to negotiate a merger between Big Cookie and Waystar Royco, and somehow, Mashable got it all on tape.

Now, it’s important to note that the man in that video is clearly Brian Cox and not Logan Roy, because: a) Logan Roy would definitely make Kendall or Roman take that meeting; b) if he did take the meeting, he’d make Cookie Monster come to him, and even then it would be a short meeting and a whole bunch of other people would be there; and c) he’s not wearing a cable-knit sweater and a blazer at the same time. But it is still a delight, and very true to the spirit of Succession!


Let us count the ways:

  • The big one: Clearly those cookies were planted there by Brian “Logan Roy Without The Sweater” Cox to throw Cookie Monster off his game. Devious.
  • Cookie Monster’s initial “dum-de-dum-dums” are how we all used to sing the Succession theme, before Demi Adejuyigbe released his version.
  • Cookie Monster and the Keebler Elves definitely played Snuffleupagus On The Floor at the “big fancy people conference in the woods.”
  • “Me wore puffy success vest.”
  • Brian Cox is totally committed to even the most ridiculous lines, just like on Succession. “Business first. Cookies later.”
  • The handheld cameras and the shifts in focus.
  • References to the death of media! Great!
  • Shouting and pointing in the workplace.
  • The photo of Cookie Monster hanging out with John Oliver in the background and the framed magazine covers.
  • The Nicholas Britell-esque theme.
  • This:
Screenshot: YouTube

All it’s missing is a backless turtleneck, some Greg/Tom shit, and Roman saying “fuck.” Long live Succession, and long live Sesame Street, which begins its 50th (50th!) season this weekend.

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