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Bret Michaels settles lawsuit with the Tony Awards and CBS over that one time he got hit in the head on national television

Think back to 2009—or roughly five score and several years ago in award-show time—when Poison was invited to perform at the Tony Awards for some reason, and lead singer Bret Michaels was hit in the head by a lowered set piece. (Here's the video to help jog your memory.) Everybody had a good laugh at Michaels' expense, including host Neil Patrick Harris, who made an easy but effective "head-banging" quip in the immediate aftermath. But just as every rose has its thorn, every hilarious pratfall has real-life consequences: Just a year after the Tonys incident, Michaels suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage that he claims was at least partially caused by being bonked on the head. Michaels has now settled a lawsuit filed last year against the Tonys and CBS claiming negligence for the accident, as well as blaming the network for airing Michaels' tumble. Details of the settlement haven't been disclosed, but in a joint statement the Tonys and CBS described it as "an amicable solution." [via Billboard]


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