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Bret Michaels released from hospital, expected to make full recovery

Bringing an end to weeks of anxiety tinged with guilt over all the times we’ve good-naturedly poked fun at the dude, Bret Michaels was released from the hospital yesterday, and is said to be on his way to a full recovery. The Poison frontman turned solo musician, Celebrity Apprentice contestant, and unflappable romantic who’s eternally questing for his one true rock of love has been asked to put all of those activities on hold for at least four to six weeks, but is expected to be able to attend the Celebrity Apprentice finale on May 23—that is, if he’s not fired in the (previously taped) upcoming episodes.

Doctors say Michaels is still in severe pain, and will continue to suffer intense headaches “as the blood pooled under his brain dissolves”—which sounds terrible. They’re also still unsure what caused his condition in the first place: Two separate tests have shown that Michaels did not suffer an aneurysm (though a third examination is still planned), and they claim it was unrelated to either his recent appendectomy or to the accident he suffered at last year’s Tony Awards, when Michaels was knocked flat by a descending set piece. In the meantime, they are watching him carefully to make sure he doesn’t suffer a second hemorrhage, but the general prognosis looks good. Here’s hoping that the next time we report on Bret Michaels it will involve only the good things in life, like fame-whoring strippers.


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