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According to his website, Poison frontman and reality-TV star Bret Michaels is back in the hospital, just a few weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage, which itself occurred a couple of weeks after an emergency appendectomy. Some numbness in his left side sent Michaels to the ER, where doctors diagnosed it as a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), or in far more ominous terms, a "warning stroke."

What's the warning? Well, further testing revealed that Michaels has a hole in his heart, a.k.a. Patent Forum Ovale (PFO)—the world winces at the pained metaphors that will inspire in Michaels' music—which doctors think triggered the warning stroke. They don't think, however, that the stroke is linked to the brain hemorrhage from last month—apparently Michaels is just that goddamn sick. Luckily, the heart hole is treatable with surgery, and doctors are confident he'll make a full recovery.


While they figure out just how to enable said recovery, Michaels is taking blood thinners and having his blood tested on an outpatient basis. It seems doubtful he'll be able to make it for the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice, but can Trump fire him without violating the Family Leave Act?

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